I love to try to create art that’s out of the box with a message behind it and an emotional energy. I’m infatuated by words, the power of mantras, prayer and the opposite of, unkind words. How powerful our thoughts are and the way they shape our sense of reality. Spells, spellings are incredibly powerful.

What we choose to put after ‘I am’ has a profound effect on our lives.
It’s important for us as individuals to reflect on our behaviour and how we contribute to what is and how our behaviour creates the world around us. We all should EVOLVE.

All the ‘Great ones’, Krishna, Gandhi, Buddha, Lord Christ to name but a few, these highly evolved souls are love, here to serve humanity and to guide us through their teachings.
I wanted to create a piece titled ‘Evolve’ to express the importance of the part we all play and my belief that we all incarnate here time after time to evolve, to learn, to develop, to forgive, to ultimately be love, LOVE are the first four letters of evolve but backwards. So if one looks at the great ones and works back down to our level so to speak, it is shown in the word, Evolve. To evolve is to love. This is the truth.

Love is utter devotion without deliberation. A oneness that binds us all. On a romantic physical material level love is wanting, owning etc. It’s also dangerous and so much blood has been spilt over love. On a higher level Love is wanting the best for. Love is self sacrifice. Love is healing.

I needed to create a piece that was evolving from a rich deep passionate explosive, sometimes dangerous even deadly red into gold, morphing, developing and growing into a higher truth, being born into service through love. A heart of gold, a body of gold. Gold being conductive and receptive.

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He created a piece of art to raise awareness of the Pride within us all.
Pride can be seen as Satan’s friend because we are disconnected from God and the inner worlds through pride. He created a sculpture as a constant reminder to be mindful of our pride and through Love try to be more flexible with our opinions and beliefs which cause so much conflict in the world today through our righteous indignation and calcified ideas.

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