ADjust Be


ADjust Be. My recent piece trying to convey the importance of just being, instead of a human doing, we are meant to be human beings, rush rush rush, preoccupation, busy busy, the balance of running to or running from (a higher truth) stop, reflect, sit on the fence, observe, watch the battle of opinions.



He wanted to create a piece to convey the importance of just being. The title Ad/just is a play on words, Add being a positive direction towards Being, dropping one letter ‘d’ to create the word ‘Adjust’. Humanity has become ‘human doings’ instead of human beings running from our true nature. We must adjust to being. He also wanted to portray through the piece a mother looking down to her child in one aspect and a child looking up to its mother from

 another aspect. Being from love. L

TITLE: ADjust Be

MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: Sold. Private commission.


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