BBC: Spray paint artist makes his mark

Innovative Barnston-based sculptor Kevin Sweeney is finding his unusual methodology is reaping the rewards. “I basically use all the products you would use for spraying cars,” said the 44-year-old.

BBC Essex

These shiny creations are not only eye-catching, but he has also had plenty of success at getting them displayed.  His first creations were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London and recent pieces have been shown at Stansted Airport.

The sculptures are modelled with chicken wire and fibreglass before being spray painted.

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Sweeney’s first works were sold at the Royal Academy in 2007. He has since created various one off pieces for prestigious exhibitions including the highly respected Eaton Terrace Gallery in Belgravia, to corporate commissions at BAA Stansted Airport. A colourful past and method-acting career inspires Sweeney’s sculptures, specifically his study of the Laban technique. This understanding of the negative space surrounding an object and the pressures found moving through it feed energy and drama into his work. A meticulous finishing process follows which reflects the artist’s personal journey and obsession. The result brings a totally unique sensation from the interplay of colour, reflection and form on their tactile surfaces. Featured on the BBC’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Show and the RA Illustrated Catalogue, BBC Essex Radio and now BBC’s ‘Look East’ are documenting the commission and installation of a Sweeney sculpture at the Burlington club in Mayfair.

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