‘Change’ 2020

He wanted to create a piece of art depicting ‘change’. Nothing being static but in constant change. There is no creation without destruction. The only certain thing in life is uncertainty which we as a species struggle to cope with but paradoxically uncertainty is what makes life so magical and exciting. He used pearlescent ‘mica’ colours to further express the point through the colours subtly changing depending on the angle of the viewpoint.
He also used a ‘sun’ energy point for the ever creating source of the solar God within this particular universe.


Height: 93cm
STATUS: St Tropez Exhibition 2018

I love to try to create art that’s out of the box with a message behind it and an emotional energy. I’m infatuated by words, the power of mantras, prayer and the opposite of, unkind words. How powerful our thoughts are and the way they shape our sense of reality. Spells, spellings are incredibly powerful.
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‘Inner reflection and firm resolution’

‘Inner reflection and firm resolution’ sold on the opening night. The first of a limited edition of four. You can still view the piece at High Roding art exhibition till 17th September, High Trees Barn, CM6 1NU.

Raw Beauty

TITLE: Raw Beauty
MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: Private Commission for Cure8 group, New York.