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Posted on July 12, 2009 by sweeney

“This is BBC Essex, Big News Story Breaking In Great Dunmow… It surrounds the appearance of a GIANT PURPLE EGG… Nobody knows how it got there.”

No, this is not an Alan Partridge sketch, it’s true…But how did a giant egg appear in the middle of a duck pond in a leafy Essex village?

Actually, the mystery was solved when Kevin admitted that it was he who waded through the, admittedly deep Doctor’s Pond, in Great Dunmow, and placed one of his giant polished eggs on the duck island.

He certainly caused quite a stir amongst the residents of this sleepy Essex town

Kevin was happy with the reaction of Great Dunmow’s residents to the egg: “It made me smile when I heard some of the comments made I’ve spoken to the Council and even though they told me off, I will be putting something on the island next year.