2008. Talbot Construction Vidar’s Key’s. Mixed media.

2008. Fine Art Promotions. Norwegian horn tail (dragons egg). Mixed media.

2009. The Burlington Club, Mayfair. ‘Splat’. Mixed media.

2009. Traffic, Great Dunmow, ‘Splat’. Mixed media.

2nd – Industrious a celebration of route back to sanity and strength through work.

Egg Shortlisted for the RA – an experiment in shape light. Born out of a perfect shape.

Commissions from RA

Near – commemorating the passing of husband

Contemplation – Created to inspire thought and emotion, exhibited in her Kensington flat

To get to her – Inspired by the close friendships that find us as we travel together through life and the friendship that is sometimes stronger that the love that leads us.

Vidar’s keys – Entwined XXXX representing the closeness , comfort and belonging of family and the journey of life.

Future (The largest space) – Personal Peace, showing the vast adventure that lay ahead. The past

In the lick of time – 18 months of soul searching and the RA’s interest propelling Kevin’s life forward in the lick of time.

Solitude – This piece developed during a 12 month journey through desperate and finding the strength

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