‘Change’ 2020

He wanted to create a piece of art depicting ‘change’. Nothing being static but in constant change. There is no creation without destruction. The only certain thing in life is uncertainty which we as a species struggle to cope with but paradoxically uncertainty is what makes life so magical and exciting. He used pearlescent ‘mica’ colours to further express the point through the colours subtly changing depending on the angle of the viewpoint.
He also used a ‘sun’ energy point for the ever creating source of the solar God within this particular universe.


Height: 93cm
STATUS: St Tropez Exhibition 2018

I love to try to create art that’s out of the box with a message behind it and an emotional energy. I’m infatuated by words, the power of mantras, prayer and the opposite of, unkind words. How powerful our thoughts are and the way they shape our sense of reality. Spells, spellings are incredibly powerful.
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‘Inner reflection and firm resolution’

‘Inner reflection and firm resolution’ sold on the opening night. The first of a limited edition of four. You can still view the piece at High Roding art exhibition till 17th September, High Trees Barn, CM6 1NU.

“Kevin Sweeney’s sculptures are absolutely mind bending” – Uri Geller

Kevin Sweeney’s sculptures are absolutely mind bending, his skill and talent are reflected in his art in an infinite way. There is a poetic fluidity to his work. I’m thrilled to own one of his artworks. I highly recommend his ability to adapt to his clients needs. His amazing sculptures could look great in any place, whether in a home, an office or a corporate installation. I predict that Kevin and his artwork will become very big in the near future.

Uri Gellar


Raw Beauty

TITLE: Raw Beauty
MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: Private Commission for Cure8 group, New York.


TITLE: Ailuj
MEDIUM: Mixed media

ADjust Be

ADjust Be. My recent piece trying to convey the importance of just being, instead of a human doing, we are meant to be human beings, rush rush rush, preoccupation, busy busy, the balance of running to or running from (a higher truth) stop, reflect, sit on the fence, observe, watch the battle of opinions.

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TITLE: Chigwell
MEDIUM: Mixed media

The Spoon 2011

TITLE: Spoonerism
MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: For Sale – POA

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Not Being to Being

TITLE: Not Being to Being
DIMENSIONS: 76cm h 23cm w 23cm d (approx)
MEDIUM: Mixed Media
STATUS: For Sale

Us Too

DIMENSIONS: 61cm h 46cm (circ)
MEDIUM: Mixed Media

Paths of Temptation

TITLE: Paths of Temptation
DIMENSIONS: 76cm h 23cm
MEDIUM: Mixed Media
STATUS: Sold, Private Commission


TITLE: Toget.her
DIMENSIONS: (including plinth) 1m 83 cm h 35cm w
Medium: Mixed Media

Vidar’s Key

TITLE: Vidar’s Key
DIMENSIONS: 1m 6cm h 76cm w (joined)
MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: Sold, Private commission

Future – the largest space

TITLE: Future
DIMENSIONS: 1m 22cm h 13cm w 26cm d
MEDIUM: Mixed media



TITLE: Contemplation
MEDIUM: Mixed Media
STATUS: Sold, private commission

Vidar’s Key (joined)

TITLE: Vidar’s key
DIMENSIONS: 1m 6cm h 76cm w (joined)
MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: Sold, private commission


DIMENSIONS: 61 cm h 46cm (circ)
MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: Donated to Fine Art Promotions

Solitude UV

TITLE: Solitude
DIMENSIONS: 91cm h 35cm w 14cm d
MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: Private Sale

BBC: Spray paint artist makes his mark

Innovative Barnston-based sculptor Kevin Sweeney is finding his unusual methodology is reaping the rewards. “I basically use all the products you would use for spraying cars,” said the 44-year-old.

BBC EssexThese shiny creations are not only eye-catching, but he has also had plenty of success at getting them displayed.  His first creations were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London and recent pieces have been shown at Stansted Airport.

The sculptures are modelled with chicken wire and fibreglass before being spray painted.

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BBC’s ‘Look East’ Document Sweeney’s installation at the Burlington Club, Mayfair.

BBC’s ‘Look East’ are currently documenting the commission and installation of a Sweeney sculpture for the Burlington club in Mayfair, London.

Video coming soon…

Roots and Shoots Art Exhibition Press Release

26th October 2009 10:00 to 31st October 2009 20:00

Roots and Shoots Logo Roots and Shoots Art Auction is the place to be this Halloween. Paintings and prints by carefully chosen new artists will be on exhibition at Roots and Shoots from 26 – 30 October.

This takes place in the week before the Art Auction at which work by many well-known artists will be sold.

Visit the Roots and Shoots web site to find out more about the charity art exhibition.

BBC Essex Radio

“This is BBC Essex, Big News Story Breaking In Great Dunmow… It surrounds the appearance of a GIANT PURPLE EGG… Nobody knows how it got there.”

No, this is not an Alan Partridge sketch, it’s true…But how did a giant egg appear in the middle of a duck pond in a leafy Essex village?

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TITLE: Splat
DIMENSIONS: 1m 83cm w 91 cm h 20cm d
MEDIUM: Mixed media
STATUS: For Sale (exhibited at Traffic Wine Bar)

Embracing despair, the birth of Enlightenment

TITLE: Embracing despair, the birth of Enlightenment
MEDIUM: Mixed media

BBC’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Shown 2007

BBC TWO collaborate with the Royal Academy to produce three one-hour programmes documenting the Summer Exhibition 2007.

laurence-llewelyn-bowen1Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, a graduate of Camberwell School of Art, is the main presenter of the series; joined by financial guru and art collector Alvin Hall and a panel of three experts – David Mach RA, Sacha Craddock and Miranda Sawyer. Continue Reading →

Artist’s First work sells at the Royal Academy

Dunmow Broadcast and Recorder – Thursday June 14th 2007

An Artist from Dunmow is still pinching himself after his first ever work was accepted and sold at this years Royal Academy of Arts summer exhibition. Kevin Sweeney, a father of two from White Street, claimed he was stunned that his first two sculptures had been accepted by judges to be shown at the prestigious art event, and that both pieces had sold.
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Sweeney Official Press Release

PR Summary

Sweeney’s first works were sold at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2007. He has since created various one off pieces for prestigious exhibitions including the highly respected Eaton Terrace Gallery in Belgravia, to corporate commissions at BAA Stansted Airport.

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